CRI-MAN: an Example of Innovative Company

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On last 6th October we were invited to the National Meeting of Young Business Consultants and Expert Accountants of Reggio Emilia, focused on “The central role of the Business Consultant in handling the Planning and Business control systems. New opportunities for the professional growth and Companies progress”.
We intervened at the Round Table as speaker on the discussion about “Instruments and innovative technologies for the Business control”.

The other speakers present at the Round Table were Microsoft Italy and Grissin Bon of Reggio Emilia.
For details, see the link to the website dedicated to the event,
In the last years CRI-MAN has been investing into an internal reorganization of the IT system, hardware and software, allowing to get a clear business control which is immediate and innovative for the PMI. One example is represented by the introduction of the Balanced Score Card for the definition of the Company KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
People in charge of the Meeting Organization appreciated this IT system and wanted to show some of the “Instruments and innovative technologies for the Business control” to the audience.
The meeting was held in the beautiful location of the “Romolo Valli” Theater in Reggio Emilia, where more than 900 people were invited, including business consultants, entrepreneurs and local institution representatives.