Design of Livestock slurry treatment plants

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Livestock manure management

CRI-MAN specializes in the design of livestock slurry separation equipment and management plants and the production of slurry separation and processing plants.
Application of CRI-MAN products in a typical Livestock

Why to divide solid fraction from liquid fraction?

Benefits of Solid Fraction
• To use as Compost in Greenhouses, Fruit crops, etc.
• To use in the field before seeding because the Nitrogen, present in Organic form in the solid fraction, is slowly absorbed by the ground
• Reduction of methane and odour emissions, due to aerobic stabilization of Solid Fraction
• To use as bedding in the barn (instead of straw)
• Easy and cheap to transport

Benefits of Liquid Fraction
• Can be used for Flushing of barns, channels, etc.
• Can be used for Fertigation in the field
• Volume reduction of the Lagoon for Liquid Fraction recovery (due to the absence of Solid Fraction volume)
• In the Liquid Fraction the Nitrogen is in Ammoniac form, that means fast absorption by the ground. Therefore, it can be used in the field after seeding, during crop growth.
• Reduction of Ammoniac NH3 emission because the Liquid Fraction penetrates in the ground faster
• Can be used in the Nitrogen Removing Plant

CRI-MAN Automated slurry treatment