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HBC – Hygienizing Biocell

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An innovative livestock farming system to transform slurry into comfortable and hygienic bedding. The concept of the HBC machine is to separate, dry, and hygienize(1) the solid part (Total Solids TS) present in cattle manure. The input material for the HBC machine is the solid fraction from a screw press separator, with a percentage of dry matter of about 35%.
The output material from the HBC machine is hygienized with a percentage of dry matter around 40% which can be directly used as bedding for cattle.

The machine will be available starting from the 2nd quarter of 2015.

The barn manure is collected into a tank containing a mixer and chopper pump. The pump feeds a screw press separator, which produces a solid fraction for feeding into the HBC machine.
A stabilization process inside the machine hygienizes the material and reduces bacterial pathogens.
The process is aerobic, achieved by mixing the material with simultaneous air insufflation.
The solid output is hygienized, with about 40% dry matter and can be used as bedding.

Technical description of the machine.
The machine consists of the following main elements:
• Cylindrical container for the stabilization process
• Mixing system
• Air injection fan
• Steam extraction fan
• Temperature sensors (for process control)
• Load cells (for process control)
• Electronic control system

Advantages compared to traditional bedding.
1. Cost savings
Considering the savings obtained by using the solid waste instead of traditional bedding (straw, sand, sawdust, etc.) it can easily be verified that a return on investment is achieved within 3 to 4 years.

2. Daily use
The hygienized solid is available daily, if required.

3. Consistent quality
The electronic control system on the machine guarantees the consistent quality of the hygienized solid.

4. Easy to use
The machine is easy to install and easy to use

5. Best and economic management of manure
The amount of manure to handle is reduced because there is no traditional bedding material. In addition, the manure is already separated into liquid and solid fractions.

6. No need for additional storage
The hygienized solid is available according to requirements. Therefore there is no need for additional storage (in warehouses) as with traditional bedding.

Advantages compared to competitors.
1. Guaranteed output quality
The electronic control system ensures efficient hygienization of the material

2. Dimensions extremely compact
The overall dimensions of the machine are extremely small compared to competitors

3. Easy to transport.
This machine is modular, therefore a 20’’ container is enough to transport it.

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