Aerobic digester for slurry processing

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Type Hygienizing Biocell

Fields of use Livestock Biogas Industry

Motor power 10,5 kW

Capacity up to 20 t/day

% Dry matter up to 55%

Operating performance:
• Production: up to 20 t/day of hygienized solids.
• Hygienisation: guaranteed pasteurization system (1 hour at 70°C).
• Drying: up to 55% of dry material (by adjustment of the HRT).

The process of biodrying or biostabilization occurs inside the HBC biocell: the presence of oxygen (air) supports an aerobic process of biological degradation of the organic substances present in cow manure. The process is highly exothermic and the resulting heat production is used to ensure the hygienisation of the product and to evaporate the water content. The exothermic biological process means that the material remains at a temperature of 70°C for at least 60 minutes, ensuring pasteurization.

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